Preventive maintenance

We offer preventive maintenance service to minimize downtime due to breakdowns and ensure optimal functioning of the machinery, resulting in energy savings over its lifetime.

We perform maintenance based on the RITE and RS Refrigeration Facilities or combinations thereof, as appropriate as possible to customer needs.

Our company is registered at RASIC (Agents Registration of Industrial Safety of Catalonia) as a maintainer of thermal installations in buildings (Air Conditioning, Heating and DHW) and Level 2 refrigeration systems, which enables us to work in any type of installation, without restrictions.

We also have the regulatory registrations and approvals, including:

  • Accredited company registration in the construction sector in Catalonia
  • Certificate of handling any load of fluorinated gases (business and personal)
  • Professional Cards and Approved Technicians for RITE and refrigeration
  • TPC (Professional Construction Cards) for all our technicians
  • Certified technician collegiate on staff

Legislation applicable to existing facilities

  • Refrigeration facilities
  • The main effect regulations to these facilities are given by the Refrigeration Safety Regulation (RSIF), Royal Decree 138/2011 of 4 February.
    Together with Regulation (EC) 842/2006 on certain fluorinated greenhouse gases and Pressure Vessel Regulations, Royal Decree 2060/2008 of 12 December.
    Below we offer summary information about the application of these regulations as mandatory operations table in existing facilities as well as the most important guides and summaries for its application:

    Operation Periodicity Agent who performs Checkpoints
    Preventive maintenance According to installation instruction book except the prevention of legionellosis and review of isolations determined by RSIF Company contracted to maintain refrigeration facility Check appliances for measuring, control and security / Charge refrigerant control / Energetic performance / health and hygiene controls legionellosis prevention / Maintenance isolations
    Mandatory periodic reviews Every 5 years <= 3,000 kg. refrig.
    Every 2 years> 3,000 kg. refrig.
    Refrigeration company freely chosen by the owner Detailed technical review of the facility (see section)
    Periodic inspections Level 2 Refrigeration facilities according to:
    Refrig. >= 3000kg Every 1 year
    Refrig. >=300kg Every 2 years
    Refrig. >=30kg Every 5 years
    Refrig. <30kg Every 10 years
    Approved inspection body Document and procedures review (see section)
    Leakage control Usually every 12 months (see section) and before one month from the time that a leak has been rectified Company contracted to maintain refrigeration facility Document review / General system testing / Leakage detection

  • Thermal installations in buildings

How can we help?

  • Cleaning equipment of refrigeration circuits for refrigerant replacement cleaning equipment
  • Hydraulic for the extraction of windings from compressors up to 60hp hydraulic extraction windings
  • Climacheck: equipment for data acquisition and performance verification climacheck
  • Equipment for leak detection by ultrasounds equipment leak detection