Energy saving

We apply new technologies to make the refrigerators can consume 30% less energy with the installation of inverters coupled to the compressors and electric motors.

This prevents the tip of boot making it soft and makes the engine work in the best conditions, being protected by the protection programmed in each case in the inverter. Adding them does not alter the electrical maneuver, it could be reversible with a switch. It decreases the noise emitted by engines and compressors.

In the facilities with a lack of condensation control, them can be applied to let the unit working as stable as possible and we can also replace the expansion valve for an electronic one, making the unit run more efficiently.

  • Switch for normal operation switch normal operation
  • Switch for inverter operation switch inverter operation
  • Consumption of the compressor without the inverter comsumption without inverter
  • Consumption of the compressor with the inverter consumption with inverter
  • Integration of the cabinets in the machine cabinets integration
  • Frequency inverters coupled to a heat pump for energy saving 1 frequency inverters coupled
  • Frequency inverters coupled to a heat pump for energy saving 2 frequency inverters coupled