Who are we

INSTAL.LACIONS MAÑAS BRONCHUT, S.L. was founded as a company in the year 1994, although since the year 1988 to 1994 it was acting and doing all its work in autonomous regime. Currently the head office of our company is located in C/ Fornal, 15 in the Industrial Park Can Comelles de (08292) - Esparraguera (Barcelona).


The team of Instal·lacions Mañas Bronchut

The company is engaged primarily in maintenance, repair and installation of air conditioning, heating, ACS and industrial refrigeration, for which it has the mandatory ID cards approved by the Department of Industry of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Currently the company is undergoing expansion and our scope of work covers all of Catalonia, for which we have a workforce that comprises 19 people, to meet the needs of all our customers, in order to offer our best service in the shortest time possible.

What do we

This year we complete our services offering our own repair workshop of open and semi-hermetic refrigeration compressors, both piston and screw, from all brands, with the possibility of repair on site.

Cleaning of the refrigeration circuit

Cleaning of the refrigeration circuit

We also do refrigerant replacement to adapt the facility to the new environmental regulations. we do this with the latest technology based on a cleaning machine (Fioi3oil system) using the same refrigerant, which guarantee the elimination of mineral oils or contaminated oils of the installation, as well as dirt and water, leaving the facility ready to fill of POE oil and of the refrigerant chosen for replacement. This method is also applied in case of having to repair a compressor with the winding burnt, offering an additional guarantee to be absolutely sure we have cleaned the pollutants of the refrigeration circuit.

We check the facility before and after with the performance analyzer machine (ClimaCheck), which allow us parameterizing discharge temperature, suction, discharge and suction pressures, electricity consumption, voltage, input and output temperatures of water and air evaporator and condenser. With all this data we perform an analysis and we correct the elements that we detect are having a malfunction in the outcome of this analysis, this being vital for maximum machine performance, achieving a saving in energy consumption.

[+] Offered services

We also have the Official Technical Support of the companies TOPCLIMA, SL (Climaveneta) AIRLAN, SA (Aermec) EUROFRED (Daitsu, Eurofred, Hiyasu and Tecno Sakura) and JHONSON CONTROLS (Roca York), engaged in the manufacture of machinery for air conditioning, processes and solar energy.

[+]Official Technical Support

Likewise, and in compliance with current regulations concerning the prevention of occupational hazards, we have contracted with an outside company, advisory services and prevention plan workplace risk assessment and ongoing training and monitoring the health of our workers.

We also have hired a policy of general liability insurance, with the Fiatc Company, which provides coverage for our company in front of any accident or event that may occur in the daily development of our profession.

We have a large and important customer base, which is the best demonstration of our work:

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Our facilities

view of the warehouse

General view of the warehouse

Repair workshop

Repair workshop



data analysis

Data analysis